Why Are You Communicating With Your Clients?


Top Down Marketing


gail_24772One Reason for Creating a Marketing and Communication Strategic Plan

You may have all the marketing tools known to man at your disposal but if you haven’t yet created a comprehensive marketing and communication strategic plan to go with them, chances are you’re just throwing marketing spaghetti at the wall and crossing your fingers that something sticks.

To really get your money’s worth, it’s important that you do your research and figure out who your targets are and what your reasons for wanting to communicate with them is in the first place are. Research that begins from the top down.

While naturally the first answer to why you want to communicate with your clients is so that you can make more money, if you dig a little deeper you’ll discover you likely have more reasons for wanting to communicate with them.  Reasons that speak to your brand and who you are as a company.

Do you want to educate  clients and have them realize ultimately your product is the best, with the hope that they’ll buy more? Do you want to make your clients smile and leave them with a positive impression?  Do you want them to think of you first when they need your product or service?  Do you want them to feel a little intimidated and worried that perhaps they might not get the best price if they don’t go to you first?  Or do you want them to see how knowledgeable you are on your subject of choice so that they understand that you know what you’re doing?  Whatever your reasons are, clearly identifying them and then marketing or communicating directly with those reasons in mind, will make your marketing much more effective than the typical “spaghetti” method.

While it may take a lot of soul searching and heavy lifting to discover just exactly what your reasons are, the reward lies in reaching your clients in such a way as to better draw them in to your product or service.

So…what are your reasons for wanting to communicate with your clients?